Boats Beneath an Unsettled Sky

Today’s photograph was taken in September 2010.  I was with one of my best friends photographing in the local park and I had just popped in a fresh roll of Fuji Velvia 50, the same roll that I’ve discussed before.  Well, I wouldn’t say it was a fresh roll.  I had purchased the roll a full year beforehand, about two months after its “best before” date.  That’s right folks:  film has an expiry date.  I’ve used long expired film before this moment and it came out with an ugly green shade.  The magic of Photoshop fixed that right up, however.  Luckily, this film had just expired so I did not have to Photoshop this image after scanning save for a little hair that managed to get on the slide.

Anyway, today’s photograph is all about the sky.   Or rather, I intended for it to be all about the sky.  When taking landscape photographs, I place the horizon well off centre.  It’s just good composition that way.  A horizon in the centre line just makes it look like the photograph is split; it ruins the photograph.  When offsetting the horizon, however, one can always have more of the ground in the frame, or more of the sky.  In this case, I chose to add more of the sky because of how the clouds looked at the time.  The clouds felt like they were “painted” onto the sky.  It had an unsettled look to it, kind of like when a storm had just passed.

Also, I loved how the colours of the clouds turned out.  They came out a sort of lilac colour.  This is largely due to the fact that this photograph was taken during golden hour.  You can also see evidence of golden hour on the foliage:  they’re normally a lighter shade of yellow, but in this case they have taken a more orange shade.  It also helps that the film I’m using does exactly that.  Anyway, enjoy this photograph.  I know I enjoyed taking it.

Taken with Canon EOS 650.
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.
Fuji Velvia 50.
Slightly Edited with Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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