His and Hers

I like to take various routes to places I go to regularly. I tutor a math student once a week and it requires a 7 minute walk through a suburban area. Sometimes I would come early so I take my time walking around. Armed with my iPhone, I let my photographic eye wander.

I came upon these two garage doors. They were attached to the same building but one was blue and the other was white. I felt a little surprise that the colours of the garage doors would vary. My imagination took over. Maybe it was a his and hers sort of deal to differentiate his garage and hers.

What originally drew me to the twin doors was the imbalance of the colours. Why would one be white and one be blue? I wanted to convey that feeling. I composed so that the two doors were symmetrical about the middle. The difference in colour would add that subtle tension itself. Since the main element of the photograph is the colour, I added a little more saturation and contrast to exploit the imbalance. I also cropped the image to that end.

I’ve been tutoring his fellow for the past few months and I never noticed these garage doors until now. It’s a wonder how we almost never observe what we see. Too often, we are too inundated with the busyness of life itself that we fail to notice the beauty in front of us. I want to express that in my photography. This is why this blog exists. My passion is letting people know that the beauty of life is everywhere. We just have to slow the speed of life down enough to see and take it in.


Taken with iPhone 4.
Cropped with Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone.
Edited with Best Camera App for iPhone.

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2 thoughts on “His and Hers

  1. I like the purpose of your blog. It’s similar to mine. There’s so much to be seen and enjoyed in little everyday things we pass in the course of our busy lives!

    I think having a digital camera and/or camera phone makes us much more aware of the beauty around us. It seems I ‘see a photo’ in almost everything!! LOL

    Keep up the good work! Your photos are great — and so is your narrative! 😉

    • So glad that you took the time to look around my slice of the web!

      To me, each photo has a story. Why was it taken? What compelled me to take it? What do I want to convey? I want to share that story.

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