A few days ago, my best friend and I were having a bit of brunch at the local dutch pancake house. The idea was that we would have a meal and straight off to work we’d go. The thing is that we finished about an hour too early so I asked if she wanted go to the mall. She obliged and asked if I didn’t mind going to the makeup store. I had no inherent problems with it so I acquiesced to her request.

Once we got there, she made a beeline straight for the lipstick. Apparently, she had been doing a little window shopping online and wanted a very specific shade of pink. So while she was searching for the stock for her shade, I quickly snapped a photograph of the sample array.

There were so many shades of brown, pink, and red that I wanted to make it look like it stretched on forever so a closeup perspective had to do. Also I didn’t want anything else in the photograph because that would simply be a distraction.

My friend couldn’t find that specific in colour in store and she said that she was looking for it elsewhere. She wondered if it was really that popular or if it was so unpopular that the store didn’t stock any. The next day, she went to a third store, got the lipstick, and found out that a celebrity wore the exact shade and brand so people snapped it up like… like… something you snap up (I’m terrible with analogies).


Taken with iPhone 4.
Edited with Best Camera iPhone App.

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One thought on “Lipstick

  1. leanne on said:

    NARS 🙂 wootwoot

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