Latte on a Ledge

My best friend and I were out.  We were shooting photographs on the street.  She got hungry.  We went for lunch.  We started walking again.  We came upon this coffee shop.  She asked me if I had ever gone to this particular coffee shop.  I said that I hadn’t.  She decided that it was now a mission for me to experience said coffee shop.  So we did.

I ordered a latte because I figured it would be the prettiest thing that would come off their menu.  It would come in a nice little cup with a cute design that contrasted the white milk from the dark brown coffee.  The only thing left to do was find a place to photograph the latte itself.  This particular coffee shop had a second floor and it had a ledge that overlooked the area where the baristas concocted their drinks.  So I decided to take my latte on a treacherous walk up the stairs so I could place it on the ledge and snap a photograph.

You see, I’m notoriously clumsy and the latte was filled to the brim of the cup as expected.  I was afraid I’d barely not get my foot over the step and spill my latte all over the place including me and my precious film camera.  I didn’t ask my friend to bring my latte up for me as she had her own warm beverage in hand.  Also, she was still adding milk and sugar to her americano as I went up the stairs.

I finally got up the stairs and placed my latte on the ledge.  I took the photograph.  Shortly after, my friend had finally come upstairs and I was happily enjoying my latte thinking about the moment that I would upload this photograph for you.  I hope you enjoy this photograph as much as I had taking it.

Taken with Canon EOS 650.
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.
Kodak T-MAX 100.
Edited with Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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3 thoughts on “Latte on a Ledge

  1. gotta love a good latte! what cafe was this?

    • Hey thanks for commenting on my blog!

      The coffee shop in question is one of the many JJ Bean cafés in downtown. I don’t recall specifically which one, unfortunately

  2. Kristin Brænne on said:

    Be a ★ !

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