Why I Love Math

So I was at work yesterday extolling the beauties of mathematics to my coworkers.  They admitted that mathematics was not a subject that they enjoyed.  So I whipped out my iPhone and looked up one of my favourite videos about geometry.  Please take a few minutes to watch it as it is relevant to the photograph that I have shown today.

After watching the video, my coworker was inspired to try out what the video was doing.  She took the next two or three minutes creating a doodle akin to the video above.  What came out looked quite awesome.  I was extremely excited because I made someone who is decidedly not fond of mathematics believe in its beauty.  What’s even better is that another coworker passed by and asked how she drew such a cool abstract amorphous blob.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy.


Taken with iPhone 4.
Edited with Best Camera iPhone App.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Love Math

  1. Wow. That was fantastic! I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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