I keep forgetting that when one orders an iced tea in an American restaurant, it isn’t sweetened. I’m not certain of why this is the case when ordering an iced tea. Invariably though, there is always a sweetened variant. Usually it’s raspberry.

At a restaurant in Simi Valley, I had ordered a peach iced tea. Oddly enough, this iced tea was also not sweetened so I asked for some sugar. I was passed a container with four different types of sweeteners. I took a picture with my iPhone because of amusement at the various choices for sweetening a beverage. I simply came to the conclusion that we as a society like to have our choice for sweeteners. For the record, I took the yellow ones.


Taken with iPhone 4.
Edited with Best Camera iPhone App.

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2 thoughts on “Sweeteners

  1. As a born and bred southerner (USA), iced tea meant sweetened ice tea. I am unaware of anyplace else in the country that does that, but that was a staple beverage growing up. When I go home, Mom still brews and ices SWEET tea like she always has. mmm Delicious! Everywhere else you have to ask for it.

    • Oh that’s really cool! I didn’t know hat there was a place in the states that would serve sweetened iced tea when prompted for iced tea. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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