Seattle Underground

Located underneath the heart of downtown Seattle in Pioneer Square, the Seattle underground city is an interesting look at how this city started out.

Seattle had been built on top of a place that was, for half of a day, underwater due to it being built below sea level. So when high tides came in, bad things happened involving the sewage. Definitely not something I will get into right now.

At any rate, there was a huge fire and they had to rebuild the city so they raised everything by about a storey. In fact, some of the buildings in Pioneer Square ha entrances that would have been second floor windows at the time.

What you see below, then, is one of the many remnants of old Seattle. I gave it a considerably dark and ominous tone simply because of how derelict the place had become. It’s not as ominous looking in real life so if you happen to be in downtown Seattle, I highly suggest this tour to learn all about the interesting and quirky details of this city’s birth.


Taken with iPhone 4.
Edited with Best Camera iPhone App.

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4 thoughts on “Seattle Underground

  1. This was taken by an iPhone?? Fantastic details. Love the details, shadows, and light.

  2. Still haven’t been there…

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