Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all. I write this post in the presence of my family as we had decided to drive down to Seattle for Christmas. Why would we do this? It’s quite simple: we’re family.

People always talk about how Christmas is meant for the family and spending time and whatnot but does the whole family actually enjoy each other’s company? All too often I see parents and their kids not genuinely enjoying each other’s company and the whole situation just seems awkward and unfortunate. My family consisting of my parents, my brother and I always have a great time when we go on trips like this regardless of what happens.

Our trip isn’t the most exciting by any means; it’s Christmas and everything is closed. In fact, this burger was taken on Christmas eve simply because we didn’t really find a good place to eat on Christmas Day. There is nothing to do but just walk around the ghost town that was downtown Seattle. Yet I had a great time just walking with my family. I think it’s simply because I can really appreciate that it’s the only family I’ve got and that they will always be there for me. In the end, they’ve always got my back.

I don’t force myself to enjoy their company. They don’t force themselves to enjoy mine either. It’s simply because we all understand why we are where we are. We are here because each other’s company is the kind of company on which we can rely.

So this is for my dad, mum, and brother. We do things as a family and we have a wonderful time as a family. I wish on you all and your families a joyous and happy Christmas.


Taken with iPhone 4.
Edited with Best Camera iPhone App.

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One thought on “Happy Christmas

  1. You always write wonderfully. So true. I love you three very much!

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