I Hate It When Technology Fails

So I was out with one that I would call one of my best friends. One of the people I can count on one hand on whom I can thoroughly rely. We went to this little cafe to have lunch and just get caught up with what’s been going on in our lives. She’d had a busy last four months so we couldn’t really meet up for that period of time. No big. It’s something that I understand perfectly.

Anyway, I brought along my DSLR to take photos of the food as usual. I ordered an applewood smoked cheddar sandwich and when I got it, well, it looked absolutely delightful. So I snapped a good four or five photos from varying angles intending on sharing it with you my dear readers. Unfortunately, there’s something incredibly wrong with the memory card I was using. None of the photos I took were actually recorded. I was deeply disappointed.

Fortunately, I took a photo with my iPhone. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it.


Taken with iPhone 4.

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4 thoughts on “I Hate It When Technology Fails

  1. I hate it when technology fails, it frustrates me actually because these things shouldn’t happen!!

    But in this case, not much harm, seeing as the iPhone photo came up pretty damn nice.
    So colourful.
    You’re making me get food cravings again!

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