I once read that photography is primarily based on emotion. It’s based on one’s compulsion to snap a photograph. I suppose that it’s really the only way for a photograph to mean something. Something in a photograph turned the photographer on enough for him or her to shoot something. It’s then up to the audience to figure out what that something really is. It could be as simple as the colour or that there may be a hidden message in all of it. One thing is for sure, the photographer wants you to find and figure out what that something is.

So here’s a bowl of fruit. What compelled me to shoot it?



Taken with iPhone 4.

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4 thoughts on “Compulsion

  1. Now you’re making me think…..

    It’s usually up to the audience as to how they want to read the image.

    When I first saw these photos, I thought:
    Man I would love a banana right now.

    Second was:
    the apples were shiny like the table, where as the other fruits were not. Pretty cool šŸ™‚

    So, now it’s your turn to say why you took the photo šŸ˜‰

    • I took the photograph because I love reds, yellows, oranges and colours around that hue. It reminds me of the sunset. I mean, the fruits don’t remind me of the sunset, but their colours do.

  2. You took the picture because everything looks so tasty šŸ™‚

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