One Year

Well folks, it’s been one year to the day that I started this tiny little weblog with my iPhone and‘s excellent WordPress App on a lazy Sunday morning on the sofa while watching television absentmindedly with my mother. I can say that t has been quite the challenge providing you, my dearest readers, with a photo a day (roughly) over the past 365 days.

Over the year, I’ve shared photos of food, landscape, friends, family, pets, and all sorts of sundries that I photographed on both digital and film. I literally travelled up and down the western coast of North America and i happily and unabashedly shared with you the sights I saw, the emotions I felt, and all the fun I had.

I provided some tips and insights of my very limited experience in photography and always emphasized that the camera didn’t matter. It was always the camera wielder that made a photograph. I talked about how important it is to just shoot and more importantly shoot what compels you emotionally. I didn’t talk about these rules of thirds and all this nonsense. I simply talked about shooting from the heart.

Shooting from the heart landed me an incredibly high honour from the editors at being freshly pressed. The Lonely Saucer garnered over 1000 views over the course that it was featured on’s front page. I achieved this honour not even a week after I started this blog. It was an incredibly exciting time. Being featured made me fee famous even for just one day. More importantly, it gave me subscribers.

You are the reason I write everyday (roughly). I promised you a photo a day. Well, I promised myself a photo a day when I started, but when you started caring, it became my promise to you, my dearest readers. It started as a hobby for me so I could actually share my photos online, but now I do it for you because I don’t think I would continue if nobody visited this tiny corner of the Internet I call my own.

I started this blog with the hood of my car. I think it’s just fitting that I start its second year with the hood of that same car. So here goes another year of a photo a day at the speed of life.


Taken with iPhone 4.
Edited with Instagram iPhone App.

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