Trying the Lo-Fi Side of Photography

I recently noted that I bought a DIY camera online.  That same day, I went out and got myself some film and burned a whole roll just shooting things around my home.  Since it’s a plastic lens, I was sort of excited to see how things turned out.  Whenever I try out a new camera, I always end up wasting the first roll due to me trying to figure out how the camera itself works.  This was one such occasion.  I got all of twelve exposures on a 24 shot roll and the vast majority of which was blurry, too dark, and simply unacceptable.

There was one photograph that was acceptable to me: a shot of one of the lights in our dining room chandelier.  After a bit of tinkering on Photoshop, here’s how it ended up.  The colour is basically how it came out on the film and the vignetting is extreme.  The verdict is that more rolls of film will have to be sacrificed to the photography gods before I can get a real good handle on this camera.  Fun.

Taken with DIY TLR Toy Camera.
Shutter Speed:  1/125s.
Aperture: f/11.0.
Fuji Superia 400 Film.

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