Scantron: Quick and Easy Marking

As a trained teacher, you have to assess students. Most people see this as a test or essay of some sort but it’s really much more intricate than that. Assessment is ongoing. A teacher has to assess while students are learning so that he or she can decide whether it is the right time to move on to new material or have an examination of some sort. It is also, in my opinion, a very self reflective aspect of teaching too. It is the teacher’s job to set the bar for assessment and grades and if the vast majority of students do not meet that bar, then it may be an issue with the educator and not the students.

When it comes time for tests, however, I find that there are two main types of questions: multiple choice and long answer. The main difference to me is where all the work is loaded. It requires a lot of work to develop a proper multiple choice question so that the answer isn’t immediately obvious to the student but when the test is created, it is very easy to mark a la scantron photographed below. Long answer requires more work on the marking end because the teacher has to judge the vastly varying answers the students write into something that can be represented as a number. Creating a long answer question, however, requires far less work than a multiple choice question simply because of a long answer question’s inherent open endedness.


Taken with iPhone 4.
Edited with Instagram iPhone App.

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