Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

I’ve not made an entry to the daily post’s weekly photo challenge in a very long time.  Today seemed like a good idea because I managed to take a photograph that actually fit with the week’s theme.

So the story behind this photograph is that I took it while on the train coming from Downtown Vancouver.  I placed my iPhone on the edge of the window and as the train stopped, I noticed a person waiting for the next train.  The way the trains work coming from Vancouver to Richmond is that every other train actually ends up at the airport and not at Richmond’s city centre.  I assume that this person was intending on going back to Richmond.  My car was parked before the train tracks split to Richmond and the airport so it didn’t much matter to me which I train I was riding.  Anyway, I took the photograph knowing that the weekly challenge is about journeys and this person was definitely on some sort of journey.

On a side note, it’s sort of amusing too that she didn’t know at all that I snapped a photograph of her.  With everyone having a camera handy, it’s amazing how we don’t notice this sort of thing more often.

Taken with iPhone 4.
Edited with Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. Great photo from a moving train. I love that trip on the sky-train

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