Creating Your Vision

Sometimes, you just have to create your own photograph. The first thing is to have a vision of what the photograph is supposed to look like. The next step is to recreate this vision. This is the recreation of my vision for this globe I photographed.

I saw this globe at work and thought to myself that it would look really awesome if it was spinning and that the words, borders, and countries would be blurry in the photograph. Here is what I came up with.


Taken with iPhone 4.
Edited with Instagram iPhone App.

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2 thoughts on “Creating Your Vision

  1. Have you thought of spinning it a little more slowly so the words at the pole are a little sharper than those further down (as they have to move through less of an arc across the sensor plane)?

    • That’s definitely an interesting idea. At the time, I wasn’t really thinking about featuring the words on the globe so it wasn’t a primary concern of mine. Maybe you should try it for one of your photographs.

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